A loan search – money difficulties

I am looking for a second mortgage for a self-employed borrower with a 645 middle credit score. The value of the home is $700K with an existing 1st is $531K. The property is owner occupied/primary residence. I need a 95% or 100% CLTV. This loan must be either stated income or a no ratio loan. Ken Brumfield need 90% LTV; new construction SFR, owner occupied purchased 8/01; current appraised value = $370,000. Funds for debt consolidation and cash out. Middle score = 613 for primary; full doc package ready for immediate submission and fast close!! Please only suggest lenders that will honor their programs and close quickly with a complete, concise loan submission.

paid cash for SFD 3 mths season!

borrower paid cash 3 mths ago….we can come up with trades off her credit reports. 4 or 5 of them….she has 0 score but home has 3 months season for purchase and she only needs a small loan amount? 20,000.00 can this even be possible…ive noticed that some are looking for hard money lenders?is anyone having any success? This type of loan should be a great investment ?? Why don’t they do these loans??

Chatel loan in SC

I have a client with a 626 credit score, good ratios, good employment history, who wants to do a cash out refinance for the purpose of debt consolidation. Loan amount will be approximately $42,000. The land and the mobile home are both owned by the same owner, but are titled separately (land on one, MH on one). Therefore, this will need to be a chatel loan. It is a 1992 doublewide valued at $25,000-$30,000. The land it is sitting on is worth nearly $40,000. The property is in South Carolina.

Non-Owner, Non Seasoned, Stated, 667 FICO

I have a Non-Owner Occ, with mid FICO at 667… that needs to go stated for at least 80%. (60K min. Loan?) That would be the easy part…the next problem is that he’s only owned the 2-unit house for about 5 months…so there’s a seasoning problem as well. The property is in the Buffalo, NY area…can anyone tell me where I can find a home for this deal? Thank You in advance and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you all !